foxtail dakota


foxtail dakota

foxtail dakota

June 2006
Born:  May  23, 1997
Stands:  14.3 hh
Extended Pedigree:  CLRC

Dakota is a "do anything" "go anywhere" kind of horse. Fully trained, he has been shown at local Open Shows where his manners are impeccable.  We use him to round up our cows, go for trial rides, ride in the local parades and giving pony ride to our city cousins.
He has a solid 8.5" of nice flat canon bone, and a very strong hip, loin and back.
His foals we are very pleased with. Crossed with our mares and outside mares.
We have had him in harness, which he loves and looks great doing.

Dakota is going on 22yrs old this year and he is still sound as the day is long! In fact he has been working at the feedlot the past 4 months. Has gotten him back in shape!

We have some young stock available from Dakota.  They are really impressing people with their Temperment and solid build.

STUD FEE:  $1000.00 + GST

foxtail dakota

Dakota at 3 months old
foxtail dakota

Dakota at 2 years old
foxtail dakota

Dakota July 2005 8 years old
Dakota & maggie
August 2006 - Photo by Kim Shupenia
Foxtail Dakota
July 2007 - Didsbury Show
Foxtail Dakota
July 2007 - Didsbury Show


WorkWize Crimson Victory
Foxtail Dakota  x  Karenza Alice
Extended Pedigree:  CLRC
workwize crimson victory

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