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It was a quiet but busy year in 2009.  We did not go much of anywhere, no foals were born. The one breeding we had planned ended with an aborted set of twins, maybe a blessing disguise? - still hard to take . . .  onward we go.  With more space our cattle operation has grown some.  I started 2 young horses during the summer, and carried on with some of the older ones getting in some good enjoyable riding time.

The horses were in two parades this year - We added the Carbon Sports Day as well as our usual appearance in the Acme Canada Day parade.  We now get to carry flags and be at the front of the parade : ) We were present at Spruce Meadows participating in the breed Demos to witness the Morgans WIN THE TELUS BATTLE OF THE BREEDS and the new TELUS FAN FAVOURITE!!! Clean sweep for the Morgans!!!!! Great work guys

In August KC and I competed in a Ranch Rodeo, on a team that was put together the day before the event, in fact we did not meet until about 1/2 and hour before we went in to compete.  A team of 4 ladies we had to do;  Team Penning, Team Sorting and load a yearling feeder into a trailer in the arena.  We surprised everyone and ourselves by winning all 3 events - thus the Overall!! Now there are teams here who go to all these events, we barely new each other . . . We won the coveted belt buckles!!

ranch rodeo winning buckle  karenza alice 2002

This was Theresa's last year of High School and 4H so we were busy with Graduation and 4H on Parade and her club events. She had a great final show with a District Res. for Senior Grooming and Showmanship!!  She also won the club overall efficiency for the third time.

4h overall effeciency winner

We aldded two new members to our animal crew at WorkWize in 2009.  One is a Clydsdale mare - Dana, she is my husbands horse. He rides her and will be driving her eventually as well.  She seemed so massive at first but we have become accustomed to her size, and the size of her heart - what a sweet heart!!  The other addition is an Australian Shepherd - Joey! Now here is a live wire!!! He was sooooo cute at 6 weeks old

campbells dana darling   clearwater workwize blue joey


Well it all began in the fall of 2007, when we started building our new home at our new location.  We only moved 8 miles to Doug's family Home Quarter.  It will be a good move as we will have more room for all the animals. We will also be able to have an outdoor riding area and round pen.  This is a good thing because I have 4 horses to start in the coming months.

log home

This is our new log home!  The logs arrived on Nov 5th 2007, and were reserected by 2 pm on Nov 6th!! Lots of work went on before that date, as did after.  We moved in on March 21, 2008, and the house is finished!!!!!  We did not have time for much else in these past months.  Now we have to set up the animal yards etc.... So, there will be no showing this year.

Our 4 mares foaled with no problems. You can go to the 2008 foals page to see them.

We did make it to the Acme Parade - we ALWAYS make it to that!!

The Calgary Stampede is also on our "Must Do" list. We have to keep the Morgan Horse in the minds of people. Foxtail Dakota went in one day, then Rocking M Miranda and her palomino Colt went in for the day.

Dakota and I plan to be at Spruce Meadows again this year . . . and complete the responsibilty this year.

We are so proud of our daughter Theresa and the 4H Banner year she had;

Res. Grand Champion Steer (60 steers), Best Home Raised Steer, Senior Res. Ch. Grooming & Senior Res. Ch. Showmanship. She also won Grand Ch. Female with her Heifer.

Grand Champion Steer

Update Sept 08 

We are back from Spruce Meadows where the Morgans placed 3rd in the Battle of
the Breeds!!!! Foxtail Dakota and I were there to see it all - We had the pleasure of being part of the Breed Demonstration team. A showcase put on daily by all the breeds that participate. They say there is no place like Spruce Meadows, and they are right! Our goal is to be on the Battle Team!

Spruce Meadows Foxtail Dakota Spruce Meadows  Foxtail Dakota

SUMMER 0F 2007

The year of 2007 brought many changes into our lives and we did not have tons of time for shows etc...  though we did manage to make it to;
             -  The Acme Sports Day Parade - We ALWAYS make it to this!!!!
             -  We were in the Calgary Stampede booth for 2 days - Foxtail Dakota & WorkWize Crimson Victory each made a trip in.
             -  The Didsbury Light Horse Show had their 40th anniversary - and we were there. Always love their Jeopardy Trail Class in the evening, though we did not place in the $$ this year, we did try the final challenge - it is such fun!!!
             -  We also made it to the Thorsby Warden All Breed Horse Show. 
             -  Foxtail Dakota and I were on the Breed Demo Team for Spruce Meadows this year, but sadly only made the go on the Wednesday when I was overcome by a sudden unexpected  serious medical issue.  We will be there in 2008!!!!!!

We had lots of fun and made a good showing where ever we went. 

The Mares had the year off, but we have bred 4 for the 2008 foaling year. I do not not want to get over horsed!!

STM Quests WorkWize Cary
STM Quests WorkWize Cary  &  Marilyn Kulchar (Singletree Morgans)
(Bramblerun Thunder quest  x  STM Victory's Charisma)

October saw me make the 2400 km round trip treck to get this fine weanling filly.  We are very pleased with Cary.  While there I enjoyed the wonderful hospitality of Mike & Marilyn Kulchar. Thanks so much for putting me at the top of the list for her.


Dakotas Ribbons 2006

The Summer of 2006 was very full where the horses were concernedWe went to quite a few Open Horse Shows where Dakota made a good showing.  Some high lights were;

- Winning Reserve Grand Champion Halter Horse at the Hanna Show, also at this show we Won the Western Equitation in a strong class of 23 horses, Dakota had a beautiful go!!

-  At the Warden All Breed Show in Thorsby We were Second in the Morgan Western Pleasure Class and placed second in the Stallion Halter class. This was our first time in the On Command class, and out of 25 entrees we were 4th!  This show was so much fun, good to see so many Morgans there!!!

-  At the Didsbury & Dist. Light Horse Show Dakota was First in the Open Stallion class and 2nd in the Jeprody Trail Class which was not your normal Trail Class - it was like the Trail Class for Battle of the Breeds at Spruce Meadows - off the wall and SO much fun!! and we won $$$$

- Our last show was the Show of Champions in Olds where Dakota placed 2nd in the Western Pleasure Sr. Class and 4th in Trail.

Also in the Summer of 2006 WorkWize Morgans made the walk down the streets of our local town of Acme in the annual Canada Day Parade. My husband Doug, took 1st place for Horse & Rider. He was mounted on Karenza Alice leading her 2006 foal WorkWize Texas Mickey. Dakota and I placed 3rd - so I have had to lisiten to that all summer : )

We took horses to be displayed in the Morgan Breed booth at the Calgary Stampede. One day we took Moonlit Magic and her 2006 foal  WorkWize Kleopatra, and the other day we took Foxtail Dakota in. Theresa and Alyssa came in with me to help both days.

Foxtail Dakota also spent the day at Spruce Meadows in the Morgan Breed booth.  The Sunday, one of the busiest days - He loved all the attention - and people who came up with treats, right up his alley.